March 19, 2018

RELEASE WEEK REVIEW: The Prophecy (Titans #4)

The Prophecy (Titans #4), by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publish Date:
March 20, 2018
Publisher: self-published
Format: e-ARC, provided by the author
Genre: new adult paranormal romance
To Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 5 STARS

(Synopsis) History is on repeat…

Seth never thought he’d have a future. But now he’s on the brink of having it all with Josie: A tomorrow. A family. A forever. And all that's standing between him and that forever is the Titans. If he helps Josie entomb them -- without killing them, a nearly impossible task for him -- everything he could ever want will be in reach. But he soon realizes that as a god, every little choice he makes can reshape the world for the better… or worse. And in meddling with the Titans, Seth may have just set into motion catastrophic consequences that will force the Olympians to enter the mortal realm and reshape the delicate balance of power that keeps the world from total collapse.

A price must be paid…

Entombing the Titans is Josie’s top priority. After all, it was what she was born to do. But the plans her father put into play to help her are no longer an option, and the odds she and Seth face in forging their own path are grim. The escalating violence between halfs and pures only increases the danger closing in on them and their friends. Josie knows their chances of succeeding in their task are slim at best -- and if they fail, they might lose everything. But she also knows she's not fighting just for herself -- she's fighting for the man she loves, for their future, for the world. Together with the Army of Awesome, Josie and Seth will face the unthinkable. And to win this war, the ultimate sacrifice must be made.

For the end is here and the Prophecy will be fulfilled….

The end of this series - and these characters - has been a long time coming. Nearly seven years ago, Jennifer Armentrout introduced us all to The Covenant world, which is full of the best heroes, the worst villains, and the most shocking events. And now, nine full-length books and a hand full of novellas later, we have to say goodbye. But, Jen Armentrout has given us the perfect send-off to these beloved characters in The Prophecy. 

I can't tell you a lot about what happens in The Prophecy without giving away major spoilers from the first three books in The Titans series. I can tell you that revelations at the end of the third book have definitely changed Josie's frame of mind. She's a different person in The Prophecy - more confident, more determined and definitely more careful and calculating. She still wants to help save the world, but she isn't going to be going in guns blazing anymore. 

"I could never give up on you. Not just because I love you, but because you're worth fighting for, Seth. You're worth loving, and if it takes a hundred years to prove that to you, I will."

Seth, too, is different, although not in the same way. He's still headstrong and foul-tempered most of the time. But, he's also now looking ahead to the future, and learning that his actions have consequences. He's trying to protect the woman he loves and save the world alongside her, without too many irreparable repercussions. That shows a ton of maturity in this character that has never been known for being a grown-up. 

Truth was, I still wasn't worthy of her, but I was working on it.

If you like a lot of emotion in your books, then this one is definitely going to rank high on your list. I expected some feels - it IS the end of a series, after all. The heroes need to work and suffer a bit for their HEA. But, peoples... I needed SEVEN TISSUES to get me through the end of this five-star book. There's a lot of angst leading up to the events at the end of the book, and most of it centers around Josie's intense need for her dad. Things look so hopeless for her future, that, at one point, she cries out desperately for her father to come to her and help her. Or maybe just talk to her and give her his shoulder to cry on. She needs a father figure so badly, and yet, he continues to hide himself from her. My heart broke over and over for Josie in that regard. 

Since this is the end of the series, we see all of our favorite characters from the original Covenant series, as well as our new favorites from The Titans. Alex, Aiden, Luke, Deacon, Alexander, Laadan, Marcus, Erin and Colin all make appearances. I am amazed at Jen Armentrout's ability to bring things full circle. Events from The Covenant series came into play in remarkable ways in The Prophecy, and the result was a perfect feeling of satisfaction and closure at the end. 

"What I feel for you increases every waking moment and sometimes that scares the hell out of me, but I love you. Yesterday. Today. A thousand tomorrows from now, I will be in love with you."

Over the years, I've read about so many epic romances, but none equal the two from this world. First Jen gave us Aiden and Alex and then she gave us Seth and Josie. She created flawed, but brave men of integrity and passion. She wrote about badass women who love fiercely, fight courageously and screw up... well, quite a bit, actually. They might be fictional characters with crazy powers that can't possibly exist in our world, but they have never seemed more real. I appreciate that so much. I'll miss this amazing world, but The Prophecy has ensured that I will most definitely remember it fondly. 

March 6, 2018

RELEASE DAY REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Sin With Me (Original Sin #1)

SIN WITH ME is a crazy awesome start to a series I can't wait to continue. Check out my review and enter the giveaway...

Sin With Me (Original Sin #1), by J.A. Huss and Johnathan McClain
Publish Date:
March 6, 2018
Publisher: Science Future Press
Format: e-ARC, provided by the authors
Genre: adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4.5 STARS

(Synopsis) Two broken people in a city fueled by sin.

Maddie isn’t looking to be saved. She knows the only person you can count on is yourself. Her moral compass might not point true North these days—but at least she’s still standing.

The Military taught Tyler about loyalty. Being there for your brothers is the only thing that matters—but when it mattered most, he wasn’t.

She’s got a ticket straight to Hell. He’s already been there and back.

She needs to win. He just needs to stop fighting.

Some sins scar your soul so deeply, you'll never be the same.

But this Devil in disguise might just be the angel he needs to forgive himself.

One of my favorite authors, Julie Huss, has teamed up with audiobook narrator and actor Johnathan McClain to write a series of romance books. Between a best-selling romance author and a romance audiobook narrator, I'd say they have the credentials to give us something good. 

And, based on book 1 in their Original Sin series, it's not just going to be good - it's going to be great. 

Maddie's and Tyler's lives have taken two different paths to the same place - rock bottom. When Sin With Me begins, that's where both of them are, even though rock bottom looks slightly different for each of them. 

Maddie is more than broke. After a string of failed business ventures, she's not only in debt, but she owes a very bad man a big sum of money. With a college degree and yet no professional prospects on the horizon, Maddie is forced to strip to pay her bills, and every time she does it, it sucks a little more of her soul away.

" eighteen, bad things, one after another, just kept delivering themselves to me, and now, seven years later, here we both sit. It makes me want to cry. Or scream, or run away. Or all three. But I can't. It's not who I am. I can't quit, I can't lose it and give in to weakness. I have to just knuckle down and keep going. Sometimes... sometimes I wish I was a quitter. It would be easier."

Tyler has more money than he can spend, but he hates how it came into his possession. His time as an explosives expert in the military is over, and now that he's home in Las Vegas, he doesn't know what to do next. His experiences while deployed and the fates that have befallen his friends are haunting him, and no amount of women or booze is helping him to move on. 

Both Maddie and Tyler need something to live for, because neither of them have that now. At various times in the book, both of them contemplate ending things for good. Truthfully, these two are some of the saddest and most despondent people I've ever read about. And yet...

When they are together, despite them both being total and complete hot messes, I actually have some hope that they could be okay eventually. It's this underlying hope that keeps the book from being utterly depressing. They are good for each other, even though I don't think they know that yet. They certainly are hot together, and they both definitely know that, even though Maddie continues to fight it every step of the way.

I just... want to listen to him. Hear his voice and see his smile. I want to feel his bare chest under my fingertips and know that we're in this night together. Whatever pain we have. Whatever regrets and bullshit are haunting us. We're in this night together.

There's something that ties Tyler and Maddie together, and while the reader is clued into this thing pretty early on, our main characters don't find out until the very end. And, that big reveal provides the backdrop for a jaw dropping ending. 

There's a lot of stuff for Maddie and Tyler to work out over the next three books. Maddie's still being chased by very bad, murderous men. Tyler is also in a bit of hot water by the very end. And they are definitely not at a good place in their relationship. I promise, you're going to want to read the next book in the series right away - I know I do. But, most of all, I just can't wait for Maddie and Tyler to find some freaking happiness. I have faith in Julie and Johnathan that eventually they'll get there. But, the journey looks like it's going to be quite a bit bumpy. 

Two accomplished writers come together to create unforgettable sexy romance. JA Huss is the New York Times bestselling author of 321 and has been on the USA Today bestsellers list eighteen times. Johnathan McClain is a veteran actor and writer whose work, either performed or written, is probably airing on at least one of the channels on your television right now. You can contact them on their website or find them at their social links below.




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February 28, 2018

REVIEW: Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy, by Kendall Ryan
Publish Date:
February 27, 2018
Publisher: self-published
Format: e-ARC, provided by the author and Inkslinger PR
Genre: adult contemporary romance
To Buy: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Rating: 4 STARS

(Synopsis) We met in a trapped elevator.

Emmett was on his way to work, sophisticated and handsome in his tailored suit and tie.

I was on my way to the sperm bank. Awkward, right?

At thirty-five, my life hadn’t taken the path I thought it would and I was tired of waiting—I wanted a baby. And I was ready to take matters into my own hands to make it happen.

After our ill-fated elevator encounter, Emmett insisted on taking me to dinner—he also insisted on something else—that I ditch my plan involving a turkey baster and let him do the job. He would be my baby daddy. He was a wealthy and powerful CEO with little interest in diapers or playdates. And since he didn’t want kids, I’d be on my own once his bun was in my oven, free to go my own way.

But once his baby was inside me, it was like a switch had been flipped, and I got a whole lot more than I ever bargained for.

*dreamy sigh*

Could Kendall Ryan make a more perfect man than Emmett Baxter? No. No, she could not. I mean, this guy is a sweet alpha male - a unicorn! He's rich, commanding, gorgeous, sexy humanitarian - he's willing to endure the pain and suffering of having tons of sex with a fascinating woman who desperately wants a baby. He's willing to give up all rights to the child and give her what she wants while getting what he wants - a hell of a good time. What a giving man. You know what they say about the best laid plans...

While I instantly fell in love with Emmett's charm, Jenna Porter was a character that I took a bit more time to warm up to. She's a business woman who has learned the hard way that men will disappoint you. Every. Time. She's 35 and wants a baby, so she's going to do it all by herself at the sperm bank. But, when the elevator malfunctions with her and Emmett in it, those plans are blown to pieces. Although she accepts his offer to put a bun in her oven, she acts very cold toward him for a very long time. She tries so hard to keep this situation strictly a business transaction, and in the face of Emmett's sweetness, that was frustrating.

Emmett's transformation over the course of the book was my favorite part. He starts out as this island of a man - one who doesn't really do close relationships, especially with women. He always treats them with respect, but he never, ever gets close. This brilliant man thinks he can make a woman pregnant and not get close to her. As he learns, that's completely impossible. And through his interactions with Jenna - both in bed and out of it - and the possibility of a future he never even thought of, he changes his priorities and his own dreams.

Jenna took a little longer to follow in his footsteps. And as a reader knowing that these two had an additional, professional connection that was bound to blow up in their faces, and not knowing precisely when that would happen, you knew that things weren't going to go smoothly for these two for awhile. And that was okay. Because watching them fall in love and prepare for a new baby while trying to remain "friends" was a ton of fun.

Baby Daddy was a fantastic read with a dreamy hero that you won't soon forget.